Yuckology Project

Yuckology Project

Yuckology Project: Text Structure/Text Feature Unit

We have started our Text Structure/Text Feature unit project and it is a research project on all things gross, weird, wacky, and odd. Here are the details!


  • There is an option to work with a partner or a group of 3, however each student is responsible for 2 paragraphs written in a chosen text structure. They are also required to include four text features for each text structure.



Step 1: Select a topic

We are using various resources from the library website and the library. Students are not “Googling” information, they are using these resources (all of which are found on the library site here and need a username or password which I can provide if needed):

  • Capstone
  • Follett Shelf
  • Destiny Quest
  • MackinVia
  • STEM Magazines
  • Trueflix
  • Freedomflix
  • Scienceflix
  • Scholastic Go
  • MOREnet (EBSCO host)

Step 2: Text Structure and Subtopic

Students choose the two text structures they will write in and the subtopic they will write about.

Step 3: Research Grid

Students will begin their research. They will use the resouces listed above and record information into a gathering grid. This is a Google Doc that is assigned to them through Google Classroom and can also be found in their Google Drive/Google Docs.research-grid

Step 4: Summarize, Paraphrase, and Quote

Students will select the facts they wish to use for their paragraph. They will then decide if they will summarize this information, paraphrase it, or quote it. They complete this in a Google Doc that was also assigned through Google Classroom.


Step 5: Graphic Organizer

Before writing the paragraph, students will put their information into a graphic organizer. These graphic organizers are in their notes, but examples for each structure are shown below. Once complete, I will approve for them to start writing!

They can adjust the organizers to fit their paragraph and ideas as they wish.

Step 6: Type Paragraph

After students have organized their thoughts, they will use their Summarize, paraphrase, or quote document and their graphic organizer to start writing their paragraph. They will need to use correct signal words or clue words to show the text structure and keep it organized. This is a Google Doc assigned through Google Classroom.

Step 7: Final Project

The students will come back together with their partner(s) and put their information into a visual format. There are several options for the students to choose from:

  • Canva.com 
    • Infographic or other template
  • Magazine using construction paper- I have student examples to show them
  • Prezi/Google Slide
  • Newspaper Template on Google Docs


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