Book Club Expectations

Book Club Expectations

What is a book club?

A group of people with similar interests who meet and discuss a book they have read and share their opinions.


Select a book that everyone can enjoy.

Select an appropriate due date for everyone. I recommend no longer than 15 school days.

Select the number of pages to be read per week.

Complete reading and reading responseĀ on time.

Take notes for the infographic as you read.

Be prepared to discuss the book.

Be respectful to your peers. Use positive language and be an active listener.

Be responsible and honest.


Book, journal, pencil, tasks completed.

When You Finish A Book

Schedule a meeting with Mrs. Ennis. Bring snacks and a drink to enjoy while we discuss the book.

Complete the blog post infographic-you can work together or independently.

Post the infographic on your blog.

Choose a new book.




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