25 Habits That Help Me Read More

25 Habits That Help Me Read More

I consider myself an avid reader, thus the name Mrs. Bookdragon. I read an average of a book a week last year and hope to read even more this year. I have always been a devourer of books, minus a few years that life took over, and I have developed habits that have helped me read more and more. I thought I would share them and if you have any habits or tips, please share as well!

25 Habits To Read More

  1. I read multiple books at a time.
  2. I take a book (or my Kindle or phone) everywhere I go. I have done this for as long as I can remember. I used to buy purses based on how many books I could fit into it.
  3. I read before bed.
  4. I read while waiting in long lines.
  5. I read while waiting for an appointment.
  6. I read in the car if I get somewhere early. This may also be why I am usually late, I get distracted.
  7. I limit social media and read instead. This is difficult, I’ll be honest.
  8. I follow my friends on Goodreads for book recommendations.
  9. I am constantly looking for the next book to read and I always know what to read next.
  10. I follow Bookstagrammers on Instagram. They motivate me and give me book recommendations.
  11. I blog or write or talk about what I read. It keeps me excited if I know I can share what I read.
  12. I set monthly goals and reflect each month.
  13. I am in a book club that meets about every six weeks.
  14. I follow book groups and pages on Facebook.
  15. I check Amazon for daily deals.
  16. I use the library-print and ebooks. I hardly ever pay for a book.
  17. It might be controversial, but when my daughter is playing independently (and she can get pretty wrapped up in her imagination) or watching tv, I sneak a few pages in. I also like for her to see me read.
  18. I cut the time I watch tv. No Netflix marathons for me!
  19. I read at lunch.
  20. I read in the car when someone else drives.
  21. I hardly ever abandon books. Waste of time.
  22. I have adapted to reading for only short bursts of time. I take advantage of every minute.
  23. I read series-you always know what your next read is.
  24. I read what I want and what I like. I don’t worry about what others think of what I read and this is most likely why I don’t abandon books. I like to think I am thoughtful in my choices.
  25. I follow authors on Twitter for new book releases and to meet new authors and new readers.

How do you read more?

Happy reading!


I am a middle school teacher who loves to read ALL KINDS of books. I am part of the ARC-sharing group LitReviewCrew, a co-creator for the YouTube Channel Legit KidLit and the Podcast Read to Write KidLit. Check out my Linktree for more: https://linktr.ee/Mrsbookdragon

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