365 Days of Wonder- February 22

365 Days of Wonder- February 22

The precept for today is:

Kindly words do not enter so deeply into men as a reputation for kindness. -Mencius

In order to have a reputation for kindness, you have to have a history of being kind. You have to have done enough kind and good deeds in order for others to think of you as a kind person. It is also not enough to say something nice, it is your actions that make a greater impact.

Do you have a reputation for kindness? I really hope I do. I really like to think I choose being kind as much as I can. We all have our bad days, mine happen when I am stressed out, but in the end, I hope others see me as kind above all other qualities. It is something I am constantly thinking about and critiquing myself over-did I say something in a nice way? Did I show that person kindness even though they didn’t show it to me? Is it my first thought-to be kind?

How do you show kindness? How do you keep choosing kind?

365 Days of Wonder by RJ Palacio

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