Reading Haiku

Reading Haiku

What is a Haiku?

A haiku is a Japanese poem with seventeen syllables in lines of five, seven, five. These traditionally center around nature, however, we are going to put a spin on them.

What is a Reading Haiku?

You have some options.

  • You can write a summary of the book.
  • You can write a review of the book.
  • You can write a haiku about a character, setting, event, favorite part, quotes, etc.
  • You can create your own style of haiku.

What are some examples?

Here is an example of a summary haiku. The first line is about the beginning of the book. The second line is the middle. The last line is the end.

Here is an example of a summary haiku using key words to describe the story.


Have fun! Be creative!

You can use to create your haiku, you can write it on your blog, you can make a poster. I can’t wait to see them!



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