Free Writing-April 18

I just had an amazing four-day weekend. Friday was one of the best days I have had with my daughter in a very long time. It did not start that way though. It was just her and I, my husband had to work. I was very excited to get to sleep in, but my daughter had other plans. She decided to wake up at 5 am which caused her to hear her dad making breakfast. She had to see what he was doing, had to stay in the kitchen, and that is where we spent the morning. I tried so hard to get her to lay in my bed and watch tv. Of course I wanted to sleep in. It was my first day off since spring break! I deserved it! As I was trying to convince her to go back to bed, she had a meltdown and I knew it would be a “fantastic” day.

We calmed down, both of us woke up a little more, and we made it downstairs to play. As soon as the sun came up, about 7 am, she decided we should go outside. There were so many daffodils, it was unbelievable. She loves blowing them and making them scatter, so she immediately started running through them. Then, we took this sling-shot dinosaur toy and started shooting it across the yard and chasing each other to it. It was so much fun. We probably stayed out there a good hour, and then got a snack and sat on the swing. It was such a beautiful day outside, and barely 8am.

I finally convinced her to go inside so I could get ready for my cousin and her daughter to arrive. Her daughter is 2 and her and my daughter absolutely love each other. It is pretty funny that my cousin was raised on a farm and a tom boy while I was raised as a city girly girl. Our daughters are completely opposite than us. My daughter is a tom boy with a strong attitude and her daughter is a girly girl with a strong attitude. We laugh watching them.

We played with my cousin and her daughter outside on the swings and on the slide. What is it about kids and going down slides head first? It’s almost an instinct to immediately go down the slide head first. Luckily, no one was injured.

We then left and grabbed lunch and headed home. My daughter is almost 4 and does not sleep on me as she used to. I remember her laying on me all the time and I loved it so much. I miss it so much. Well, she fell asleep on the way home and I must have really wore her out because she kept sleeping on me. I just sat on the couch with her and took a nap myself. It was wonderful.

The next day was also a good day, we woke up early and hid Easter eggs. Watching a little one find Easter eggs is so much fun. She thought it was magic that they were scattered everywhere and of course, each one had candy so she immediately wanted to eat it all. We also gave her her Easter basket (in an Amazon box and told her the Easter Bunny delivered it-it was last minute to give to her). She got a Star Wars book, Skylanders book, Chewbacca Funko Pop, and Chewbacca Tsum Tsum. The Tsum Tsum was the favorite.

Later, we had lunch with her grandpa and grandma. We ate a wonderful meal of hamburgers and fries and opened up more Easter presents. She got a Leonardo the Ninja Turtle kite and a Chewbacca puzzle. Then, we went home and relaxed.

Sunday was super lazy. We visited another set of grandparents and they played with her while I napped and read my book. My husband watched TV and also napped. Parenting can wear you out sometimes! My daughter dyed Easter eggs and never wanted to stop. Then, she was coloring and I joined her. We were coloring together when I noticed she had fallen asleep on my hand. I got to take another nap with her sleeping on me. Two in one weekend-my heart was happy.

We still had one more day off-Monday. It was a busier day, but it was still amazing.

Stay tuned to see how the rest of our day and weekend went!

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  1. alexis howell at 2:11 pm

    Wow you have a lot on your mind. I have one question how much time did you give yourself to write this? Here in class we get ten minuets and with that time we can write a lot but it isn’t enough time to write everything that is on our minds.

    • Mrs. Book Dragon at 3:24 pm

      Hello! I wrote this in two sessions of free writing, so about 20 minutes. It is hard to get it all out in 10 minutes sometimes! Thank you for reading!

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