Top Ten Book Settings

Top Ten Book Settings

These are the top ten book settings, according to my sixth graders! What are your favorite settings?

Top Ten Book Settings

  1. My favorite setting is the dredge because it has a cool and it has a lot of room and it is like a mazes in the dark which is why I like it the best in the whole book. -SR
  2. I liked in the book Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters when they were in Medusas “Green house.” -GC
  3. My favorite setting from a book is called the Pandemonium. It is a “night club” for all the downworlder to escape from the “mundane” world. This setting is from the book City of Bones, The Mortal Instruments Series. -MP
  4. My favorite setting in a book is very different. It really depends on the book. In “Maximum Ride” My favorite setting was when they were flying or when they were in the air because it showed how freely they felt and were. In “The Third Twin” My favorite setting was when they were outside or at their school because that’s when everything calmed down or started. In “Before I Fall” My favorite setting was when they were at the school or at Ally’s house. because that’s when everything was funny and weird and that’s when they all found out more about eachother. I have a very different type of favorite setting depending on the genre or place of the book. -SB
  5. My favorite setting in a book is Artime from The Unwanteds because Artime is a colorful, magical place filled with animals of all shapes and sizes and has all sorts of areas that I wish could be explained more in the story like the forest and The Great Lake of Boiling Oil. -CH
  6. My favorite setting in books are things I can imagine. Like streams in thick woods, or huge castles that are hidden away. -AD
  7. Forbidden Forest because harry followed Snape there. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. -TD
  8. In like a scary place where anything can happen at any time. (skeleton creek) -AC
  9. My favorite setting is Hogwarts. -JB
  10. My favorite book setting is the Insignia Series setting, its a mix of the solar system and futuristic earth. You’d have to read the book to understand.-DK

Honorable Mentions

  • A medieval tower because there’s a king who thinks his nephews are dead but they are just hiding- “The Missing SENT” -ZP
  • The outdoors because it is always full of nature and beauty that you can’t see anywhere else. -DW

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