Top Five Minor Characters

Top Five Minor Characters

Weekly Blog Post: Top Five Wednesday

I usually do a Top Ten Tuesday,  but I came across this Top Ten Wednesday topic and had to contribute! Thricereads and Heather’s Reading Hideaway had great posts and you should check them out.

This week’s prompt is Favorite Minor Characters. Here is my list!

  1. Neville Longbottom Neville is one of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter series. He changed so much throughout the books and I love how JK Rowling developed his character. The series would not have been the same without him.
  2. Dell Duke from Counting By 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan. Dell was infuriating because he didn’t want to put any effort into helping Willow. I really didn’t like his character at first. What makes me love him, though, is how much he changes throughout the story. There are so many great minor characters in this story and they all come together to help Willow in her new life without her parents.
  3. Pelligrina, the grandmother from The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. She was the driving force in this story and Edward always thought back to her. She saw through him and taught him a very valuable lesson on love.
  4.  Henry, Annabelle’s brother in Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk. Henry was a very minor character who received more attention as the story went on. What made me like him is at the end where he and Anna have a moment together where they both know and understand each other. He grows up in that instant and him and Anna become closer.
  5. Frau Eberhart from Jennifer A. Nielsen’s A Night Divided. Frau Eberhart is not a good character, but she was essential in bringing the tension to this favorite of mine. Everywhere Greta turned, Frau Eberhart was there, watching, closer than the Stasi. She knew more than the Stasi and was more of a threat. I was always on my toes when she showed up in the book.

I hope you enjoyed my top 5 minor characters list!

Thanks for reading!


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    • Mrs. Book Dragon at 10:39 pm

      Thank you! I am glad you are adding these books to your list! They are middle grade books, but truly amazing as well. I hope you enjoy them, you will have to let me know if you like any. I have them all on here with reviews I believe. Go Team Neville!

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