Power Writing Reflection

Power Writing Reflection

Power Writing

What is it?

Power Writing is a writing activity teachers use to build stamina in our sixth grade writers. Here are some guidelines and expectations on what Power Writing is:

  • Timed Writing
  • Goal: Do not stop writing
  • Stuck? Write UMMMMMM or ….
  • Topic given-choice of 2 to write from
  • Sharing with peers at the end

In addition to building stamina, power writing is also a great way to get ideas for a future writing piece. It is much like free writing in that the students are just supposed to write whatever comes to mind. They are usually given a topic, but sometimes they are not given one or they are stuck and just start going with what they are thinking about.

For the most part, students love power writing, especially because they can share their silly writings. They are usually silly because they choose silly topics to write about. It is a lot of fun and I encourage everyone to try it.


I asked my students to reflect and make goals after their first power writing. Here is what one group of students said:


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