Book Review: Save Me A Seat by Sarah Weeks

Book Review: Save Me A Seat by Sarah Weeks

Save Me a Seat by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan

Started Reading: September 12

Finished Reading: September 22

Pages: 216


Joe and Ravi might be from very different places, but they’re both stuck in the same place: SCHOOL.
Joe’s lived in the same town all his life, and was doing just fine until his best friends moved away and left him on his own.
Ravi’s family just moved to America from India, and he’s finding it pretty hard to figure out where he fits in.
Joe and Ravi don’t think they have anything in common — but soon enough they have a common enemy (the biggest bully in their class) and a common mission: to take control of their lives over the course of a single crazy week. -Amazon

Overall Thoughts

I gav this book 4 stars. I cannot remember why I chose this book other than that the cover had grabbed my attention. I mean, a school lunch tray? That alone makes me think of connections of my own experiences in the lunch room. I loved how this book was centered around food. The love Ravi and Joe have towards food and how important food is to several cultures was really great. I also enjoyed learning about other cultures, other experiences, and about bullying. I think this book has a powerful message that all middle school teachers and students need to read and remember.


I chose to listen to this book and I am so glad I did. I think I benefited more from listening because of the different perspectives of the characters. I liked that I could have two different voices telling the story. The people they chose as narrators were perfect. Joe was spot on. He sounded like a self-conscious and shy kid. Ravi was also perfect as a conceited and naive kid. The audio helped me understand the Indian names much better than I could have reading it.

Bullet Journal

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