World Kindness Day: November 13

World Kindness Day: November 13

How you can show kindness on WKD (and everyday!)

World Kindness Day (WKD) is November 13. Here are some ideas on how to show kindness on this great day, and everyday!

Acts of Kindness

No matter how “big”or “small” an act of kindness is, it is meaningful and you will never know how much of an impact you could make. Try some of these ideas, or comment with your own! I would love to hear how you were shown kindness or how you were more mindful in showing kindness throughout your day. (As always, stay safe in what you do. If you are a minor, please have parent permission or supervision.)

Smile at someone

I think we get caught up in our crazy lives and we walk around the world without smiling or looking up. Take a moment, look up, meet someone’s eyes, and smile. It makes you feel good, and it makes them smile too.

Compliment someone you don’t typically talk to

Compliment your friends too, everyone needs a compliment. However, compliments feel more real and more special when they come from an unlikely place.

Hold the door for someone

Make a habit of holding the door open for others. Take the time to pause, open the door, and smile. Hurry to get to the door first! Be the first to hold it open. It shows that you are putting others before you.

Handwrite a thank you note to someone you care about

The key here is to HANDWRITE the letter. Emails do not count. Text messages do not count. Those are too easy. A true thank you requires effort and thoughtfulness. Plus, handwritten notes feel so personal. When was the last time you received a personal thank you? How did it make you feel?

Take a picture with someone or something you are thankful for

Take a moment to pause and take a picture with a person you are thankful for or something/some place you are thankful for and share it out!

Thank a Veteran for their service

Following Veterans Day, thank a veteran for their service. Look for someone wearing the hat featuring their branch of service or spot someone in uniform and shake their hand.

Thank a food service person or other worker

When you go out to eat or to the store, thank those that are doing their job to help you relax a little after a long day.

Pay it forward

In line at a fast food drive thru? Grocery store? Coffee shop? Buy the person’s items that are waiting behind you (or in front of it works!). It’s a lovely surprise to get a free meal or coffee! The wonderful thing that begins to happen is it becomes of chain of people buying each other’s items until eventually, you reach someone who really needed it.

Bake a meal or dessert for your family or someone you care about

Food is always a sign that someone cares. It takes work, it takes time, and who doesn’t love sitting around a table, eating food, and talking about their day? Baking something for someone special shows you care.

Volunteer at a Shelter

Find a food pantry, the Red Cross, or visit your city’s website for list of volunteer opportunities and offer your services. You can participate in a food drive. Help cook food. Distribute items to the homeless. Be a Big Brother or Big Sister. Help referee a Champion of Athletes event. You would be surprised at how many opportunities are out there in your city!

Carry groceries out for someone older than you

Offer to take someone’s groceries to their car for them. (Stay safe and have permission)

Red Cross Bell Ringer

Sign up with the Red Cross to be a bell ringer during the holidays.

Adopt a family for Christmas

Contact the Salvation Army to find a family to provide gifts for their children during Christmas. You can also supply basic necessities that they are in need of.


Please share your acts of kindness and acts shown to you below!

As always, choose kind!

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