Day 1: List Poem

Day 1: List Poem

National Poetry Month

Day 1: List Poem

Inspired by Amy LV

I was very excited to start my first poem for this wonderful month of poetry, but I found I had a little trouble generating a topic. I stopped listing topics, I stopped brainstorming, and just looked around me. Now, I had been multitasking. (This may have been why I was having trouble in the first place.) It was my daughter’s bedtime and my husband and I were in her room playing and having fun before we put her to bed. As I stopped brainstorming for a topic, my daughter took the container holding her crayons, turned it upside down, and dumped all of the contents onto the floor. We had been searching for items in a look and find and then coloring them in, so this was the best way, in her mind, to get to all of the colors. It was the only logical solution. All messes are solutions correct? I immediately took a picture of her mess and began writing.

Later that evening, I brainstormed a few other poem ideas.

Are you doing anything to celebrate National Poetry Month? Will you pick up an anthology of poem? Read a book in verse? Write a poem?

Happy reading!

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