Day 3: Mask Poem

Day 3: Mask Poem

National Poetry Month

Day 3: Mask (Persona) Poem

Inspired by Amy LV

This was the first poem I got to do with my students today! We have been out of school, but today we were back and I sat down with them to write. It was so peaceful and I felt so excited after writing. My students were buzzing as well after we wrote (I had given about 10 minutes) and were so eager to share. I wish I had so much more time to read and listen to all of them. I love how excited they were to start writing poems as well!

Here is my poem from today that is a “mask” style poem in the perspective of a book. I also made another pattern with my words, but I do not know what it is called, or if it is called anything. I wrote with 1 word on the first line, next line 2 words, next line 3, and so on until 5 and then I went back down. Thoughts?


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