Reflection: 2018 National Poetry Month

Reflection: 2018 National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month


I had two main goals for this year’s National Poetry Month: Read a poem a day and write a poem a day.

Read A Poem A Day

I read a poem a day to my students. I read each of the poems in Kwame Alexander’s Out of Wonder. These poems were so beautiful. I am glad I chose to read this collection of poetry because they were written to celebrate other poets. My students were researching the poets that were being honored and they were making personal connections. I looked forward to our daily conversations and will definitely embrace this more throughout the next school year.

Write A Poem A Day

I challenged both myself and my students to write a poem a day. We started out strong and then it faded a little. I had several students who came closer to writing a poem each day than I did. I did end up writing 13 poems, which was a personal best for me. I love to write, but find myself going through phases of motivation to write. Some days I am motivated more than others. I am glad I challenged myself to writing these poems because I wrote a few that I am proud of. I loved sharing them with my students and hearing their poems as well. My goal this summer is to write more, poems and other writings.

What did you do during National Poetry Month?

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