Day 7: #100DOSW18

Day 7: #100DOSW18

Day 7: June 6


My Writing

My Scarlet Letters

O-Obsessed with books and reading. I get anxious when I “need” to read and cannot. I am also violent when my husband hides my Kindle…which he does just to see what will happen.

H-Hyperhydrosis. Excessive sweating. I sweat a lot…on my hands and feet. That is a very personal fact that I do not really share with anyone…so here it is on my blog! Whew!

S-Sleep. I can sleep anywhere, anytime. When I am bored, I can just curl up, close my eyes, and be dreaming within the minute.

R-Not a Rick Riordan fan…Lightning Thief was entertaining, but I did not find myself dashing off to find the next book. Most of my students do not like this about me.

A-Anxious. All. The. Time.

W-Worry. All. The. Time.

C-Coffee. All. The. Time. (Which does not help my anxiety…)

G-Not the best with grammar rules…(and I should be, as I am an English teacher.)

C-I really do not enjoy reading classics-except Wuthering Heights and Tale of Two Cities. I will read Manga versions though!

L-I love almost every book I read, and many ask if there are any books I do not love. There are few.

S-Sassy and sarcastic.

Alright! So, there are my faults. Although, some I do not see as entirely a fault! This is me.

What are your “Scarlet Letters”?

I am a middle school teacher who loves to read ALL KINDS of books. I am part of the ARC-sharing group LitReviewCrew, a co-creator for the YouTube Channel Legit KidLit and the Podcast Read to Write KidLit. Check out my Linktree for more:

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