Day 8: #100DOSW18

Day 8: #100DOSW18

Day 8: June 7

Reflection Day

Instead of responding to a prompt, I am going to take this day to reflect on the past 7 days of writing.

I think it is very important to take a break, review your writing, think back on your attitude, and reflect or make goals.

Here are some things I have learned about myself as writer:

  • 10 minutes of writing is not enough, but is a good start.
  • I need a scheduled time to write.
  • I get stuck and run out of ideas often.
  • I like to free write just as much as I like prompts.
  • Prompts take more time to start.
  • It is okay to read others’ writing on a prompt before beginning my own. I sometimes need some inspiration.
  • I really do enjoy writing each day.

Here are my goals:

  • Make a schedule. I think I am going to write each morning for 10 minutes as soon as I wake. I usually read at this time, but I think I would do better with my writing at this time. I can read other times of the day.
  • To write for more than 30 minutes one day a week.
  • To post each day. (I missed two days! But, I got caught up!)
  • To read others’ writings each day.

How is your writing coming along? Any tips or suggestions for me?

Thanks for reading!


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