Marvelous Monday

Marvelous Monday

Yesterday, I wrote all of my students’ names down on a post it and put them on my board with instructions to take one or two and leave a positive note. I would collect them and pass them out on Tuesday. It was just an optional thing to do at the start of class and I expected to have a lot of names left at the end of the day for me to write on…
But I didn’t.
First of all, they walked in yesterday and immediately wanted to find their name. They couldn’t believe they would get a note. THEN they lined up to take 2-3 notes! When I ran out, they demanded more notes and started adding teachers. A student even took about 10 and yelled “Marvelous Monday for EVERYONE!” With the biggest grin on his face.

Today, I went through my box of notes and read them to the class. We clapped after each one and I have seen the notes all over! They have kept them in their books, on the computer, and their journals. I even saw some kids walking the halls with them in their hands.
Sometimes, we need to take a step back and do something different for ourselves and our kids. Today made my heart so happy, I really needed it, and I am sure my students needed it so much more. 😊

I got this idea from a teacher on Twitter, @mrs_giordano. If you are a teacher and have not found the value in Twitter, please make that a goal this year. I have met so many authors, bloggers, writers, and educators who inspire me everyday. It keeps me motivated and my students benefit the most, as you can see from our activity!

Also, this has inspired me to do have something each day as a warm up! Some of these will be fun, some more serious. I hope it will be excitement for my class as well as community.


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