Skylark and Wallcreeper

Skylark and Wallcreeper

Skylark and Wallcreeper by Anne O’Brien Carelli


Why I Chose This Book

This book will always hold a special place for me because it was my first book for our ARC group, the Lit Review Crew. The first night we started, Carelli reached out on Twitter and asked if we would like her book.

It was like it was meant to be because this book was everything I love in middle grade books. Historical fiction. Multiple perspectives. Multiple story lines. Strong females. Fighting for what is right. World War II. Family. Mystery. It had it all!

My Thoughts

I gave this book 5 stars. I loved the way Carelli gave the needed information for her novel. She weaved details and facts in and out of the story flawlessly. Sometimes, historical fiction either tries to hard to give all of the facts for the reader and sometimes not enough. This book had the perfect amount, in my opinion, for a younger reader to understand. I think it was a well-developed story and enjoyed reading it.

I would recommend to my students and fans of historical fiction.

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