Final: 24in48 Readathon

Final: 24in48 Readathon

Well, it was a successful readathon, but not as good as it could have been. I could NOT keep myself awake at night…I just kept nodding off and would forget to turn the timer off as well. So, I tried. I did end up reading a lot of great books and I enjoyed just taking time for myself and reading as much as I could. I stayed off of my phone, unless I was posting about the readathon or viewing the 24in48 blog.

Reading Stats

  • 16 hours of reading time
  • 8 books picked up
  • 5 books read start-to finish
My bullet journal for the readathon.

The Book List

What I learned

  • I love audiobooks when I clean.
  • Graphic novels give me such a boost.
  • Victoria Schwab writes fantastic middle grade books!!!!
  • One of the books opened my eyes to mental health and I know this book will stay with me for a long time.
  • I need more sleep BEFORE a readathon…
  • Readathons are hard for teachers and moms.
  • I had fun.

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