First Glance

First Glance

Harbor Me by Jacqueline Woodson

I am such a fan of Jacqueline Woodson. I loved Brown Girl Dreaming and last year I listened to her read Each Kindness for World Read Aloud Day and was in awe. Her story telling and messages are absolutely spell-binding and real.

I received this ARC (this book is now published and can be purchased here) through my ARC-sharing group, the Lit Review Crew.

At First Glance

The Cover

I am head over heels in LOVE with this cover. Why? Here’s why-

I love the sunset colors-they are warm and inviting and make me feel such love already.

I love the Statue of Liberty. The symbolism this holds is so powerful.

I love seeing a group of children or teens leaning on one another and holding hands. Too often do we hear of bullying and the struggles teens today are facing. It feels like everyone is alone and hurting. This cover gives me hope that there are strong connections to be made with other teens and that they can help each other. Children are powerful. They hold such power in their souls and this picture shows that power.

The title grabbed my attention. It is short and sweet, but carries such immense weight. With those two words, “harbor” and “me,” I can already guess what the book will be about and that it is a book for me.

Stay tuned for more about this book. I can tell it will be a powerful and inspiring read.

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