It’s Monday!

It’s Monday!

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

It is my first full week off from school for the summer, so my reading life has been boosted!

My goals for this summer are to read a book a day (thank you Donalyn Miller) and that will end up being 84 books! Another goal I have is to get my Lit Review Crew reading shelf under control! I have so many books to read and I need to focus on them before moving on to other reads. Same goes with my NetGalley eARCs. I have got to make some progress because I just keep requesting more and more. It’s a problem…but a good one, right?

Books I Finished

I finished 5 books and let me tell you, they were all really amazing.

My Year In the Middle: This book had me hooked and I flew threw it. I felt like this was a classic, but it is not! It had a great plot about post-segregation south and what schools looked liked when they were desegregated. Wonderful middle grade read. Thank you NetGalley and Candelwick Press!

Survivor Girl: I received this book through my Lit Review Crew. This is a perfect adventure story for middle grade. It is hilarious, it is suspenseful, it has strong character development, tons of tension (and the inner conflict was felt so much!), and I loved the ending.

Love From A to Z: I wrote a blog post all about this Young Adult novel! Thank you Net Galley, Salaam Reads, and Simon & Schuster!

Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus: What an inspirational story. I absolutely loved Aven and her fierceness. This girl will take over the world. Fans of Wonder and Out of My Mind will really enjoy this touching story by Dusti Bowling. I listened to the audiobook and it was done very well!

The Outsiders: I read this classic because so many people kept telling me how amazing it was. I did enjoy it and loved its message!

My Option Pile

Bookaday Update

I am 11 days into my summer bookaday goal of 84 books and I have read 4. I am almost done with 2 books though and just went to the library for some comic books!

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