It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Another week and more reading and writing has been done!

Books I Finished

  • I listened to the audio of The Best Man and really enjoyed it. I am excited to share this book with my students.
  • I am on a Captain Underpants kick because of a conversation I had with a parent about books with crude humor. I loved these books in middle school and am rereading to get my love for them back and to be able to share my reasons for liking them more clearly.
  • The 9th Bad Guys Book came out and my little one and I were so excited! We had preordered it and although it was delayed by a day, it was worth the wait. We are ready for the 10th! Why oh why does Aaron Blabey have to end his books like he does! It’s torture.
  • Before You Were Born is a poetic picture book sent to me by the author and publisher. I am going to be interviewing the illustrator and author and am so thankful that they sent me a copy of their book.
  • Neal Shusterman is one of my go-to authors when I want a good dystopian and if you love dystopian, you need to read Dry. It was disturbing. It was entertaining. It terrified me. All good traits for a dystopian! This would be for my readers who are more mature and okay with reading books with more violence.

Option Pile

My main goal is to finish Gravemaidens for my Lit Review Crew, get a review up, and pass it on to my crew.

Other Goals


I am on 30 books! My goal is 84 and feel pretty confident I can meet my goal.

100 Days of Summer Writing

Out of 30 days, I have written 19 of them…and I only wrote for 3 days last week. I am writing more when I sit down, but I have been slacking on focus and making time for my writing.

I will say, my little one and I are working on a story together and she is motivating me a lot more. She is working on the comic part and illustration as well as the ideas, while I type it all up. This might be one of my favorite summer activities with her.

How are your goals going?

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