Would You Rather Week

Would You Rather Week

What better way to get to know children’s authors and illustrators than by asking fun “would you rather” questions?

There will be 2 prompts featured each day, so make sure you do not miss them. The authors and illustrators had some thoughtful and hilarious responses.

Find more information about the authors and illustrators featured here.

Schedule for Would You Rather Questions:


  • Question #1: Would you rather be in a room full of snakes or a room full of spiders?
  • Question #2: Would you rather have an endless summer or an endless winter?


  • Question #3: Would you rather have one real get out of jail free card or a key that opens any door?
  • Question #4: Would you rather always be an hour early or be constantly twenty minutes late?


  • Question #5: Would you rather live in a haunted mansion or live in a un-haunted cottage?
  • Question #6: Would you rather lose the ability to read or lose the ability to speak?


  • Question #7: Would you rather know the history of every object you touched or be able to talk to animals?
  • Question #8: Would you rather be able to control animals (but not humans) with your mind or control electronics with your mind?


  • Question #9: Would you rather be forced to dance every time you heard music or be forced to sing along to any song you heard?
  • Question #10: Would you rather move to a new city or town every week or never be able to leave the city or town you were born in?

Thanks for joining in on the fun and please comment your response as well!

I am a middle school teacher who loves to read. I am part of the ARC-sharing group LitReviewCrew and a creator for the YouTube Channel Legit KidLit.

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