PB Frenzy Review: Mitzvah Pizza

PB Frenzy Review: Mitzvah Pizza

Mitzvah Pizza by Sarah Lynn Scheerger Illustrated by Deborah Melmon

Missy loves Saturdays with her dad. Every week they do something special together. Usually, Dad brings the funds and Missy brings the fun, but this week, it’s Missy’s turn to treat with her own allowance–until she and her dad stop for pizza, and Missy discovers a special way to do a mitzvah.


What I Loved

  • Diverse characters
  • Word choice
  • Piece O’ Pizza Fund-post its for pizza
  • Descriptive language: “the smell of melted cheese, bubbling sauce, and warm dough makes my mouth water.”
  • Message: “We’re not so different”

Ideas For My Class

  • Discussion: What good deeds have you done or seen done by others?
  • Discussion: What is a good deed you could do?
  • Writing: The Piece O’ Pizza fund is based on a real event, what is a unique event or topic that you could incorporate into your story?
  • Writing: Read the descriptive sentence from the story (“the smell of melted cheese, bubbling sauce, and warm dough makes my mouth water.”) Find a place in your story that you could add more sensory detail.

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