PB Frenzy Review: Porcupine’s Pie

PB Frenzy Review: Porcupine’s Pie

Porcupine’s Pie By Laura Renauld and Illustrated By Jennie Poh

Porcupine can’t wait to share Fall Feast with her woodland friends, so when everyone she greets is unable to bake their specialty due to a missing ingredient, Porcupine generously offers staples from her pantry. When Porcupine discovers that she, too, is missing a key ingredient, the friends all work together to create a new Fall Feast tradition.¬†Porcupine’s Pie¬†will inspire children ages 4-8 to act generously. A recipe for “friendship pie” can be found at the end of the book.


My Thoughts While Reading

  • Figurative Language-especially alliteration
  • Love the recipe at the end!
  • Squirrel: “It’s just plain nuts for me this time of year.”

For the Class

  • Discussion: Karma and helping others
  • Theme
  • Repetition
  • Figurative Language

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