PB Frenzy Review: Croc and Turtle: The Bestest Friends Ever!

PB Frenzy Review: Croc and Turtle: The Bestest Friends Ever!

Croc and Turtle: The Bestest Friends Ever! By Mike Wohnoutka

For fans of Penguin and Pinecone, this adorable new duo will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone.

Meet Croc! He is the strongest and fastest crocodile around.

Meet Turtle! He agrees that Croc is the strongest and fastest.

But what happens when Elephant lifts that heavy rock with ease? And when Cheetah speeds on by?

Croc and Turtle might not be the strongest or the fastest, but they’re definitely the best at something even more important . . .

Introducing an utterly charming new duo, this humorous and heartwarming adventure will delight readers of all ages. 


My Thoughts While Reading

This is a really humorous book that shows how sometimes you need your friends to give you a boost in confidence. My daughter and I have been reading this over and over at night and have laughed with each page. One of my favorite messages in this book is that if you compare yourself to others, you will never think you are good at anything. You have to love yourself and celebrate each other.

“I’m not the best at anything!” This quote shows that if you compare yourself to others, you won’t be the best. Being the best is not what is important. Valuing yourself and each other is what it is all about.

Writing Prompt

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, someone is always better? What can you learn about yourself if you stop comparing to everyone else?

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