PB Frenzy Review: How To Code a Sandcastle

PB Frenzy Review: How To Code a Sandcastle

How To Code a Sandcastle by Josh Funk and Illustrated By Sara Palacios (Foreward by Reshma Saujani)

From the computer science nonprofit Girls Who Code comes this lively and funny story introducing kids to computer coding concepts.

Pearl and her trusty rust-proof robot, Pascal, need to build a sandcastle before summer vacation is over, and they’re going to do it using code. Pearl breaks the big we-need-a-sandcastle problem into smaller steps, then uses conditionals, loops, and other basic coding concepts to tell Pascal exactly what to do. But building a sandcastle isn’t as easy as it sounds when surfboards, mischievous dogs, and coding mishaps get in the way! Just when it looks like the sandcastle might never work, Pearl uses her coding skills to save the day and create something even better: a gorgeous sandcastle kingdom! 


My Thoughts While Reading

  • Coding is HUGE right now and I think it is wonderful to have a female coding to show that ANYONE can do this.
  • Big problems are solved by breaking it up into smaller problems.
  • Good way to use in a lesson on sequence and text structure
  • Problem-solving is such an important skill to learn
  • Writing/Discussion Prompt: If you could have a robot build something, what would it be? What is the process? What are the potential problems that could arise and how would you get through them?
  • Read the forward and discuss the importance of “Girls Who Code.”

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