PB Frenzy Review: Remarkably You

PB Frenzy Review: Remarkably You

Remarkably You by Pat Zietlow Miller and Illustrated By Patrice Barton

Pat Zietlow Miller celebrates individuality in her picture book about the beauty of being yourself.

Remarkably You is a manifesto about all of the things—little or small, loud or quiet—that make us who we are.

You might go unnoticed, or shine like a star, 
but wherever you go and whoever you are…
don’t change how you act to be just like the rest.
Believe in yourself and the things you do best.


My Thoughts While Reading

  • Rhyming
  • Great for “Who Am I” poem activity for class
  • Poems: Structure and Repetition
  • “Dream your own dreams./Hear your own heart./You could change the world./You just have to start.”
  • This book is a great read to discuss our values and how to be proud of individuality.
  • Absolutely beautiful.

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