Happy Book Birthday, Forever Glimmer Creek!

Happy Book Birthday, Forever Glimmer Creek!

I do love fantasy, and this one is a wonderful magical realism middle grade novel. It is full of mystery and strong characters. I am halfway through it, but wanted to go ahead and say that this will be a popular one with my students. The cover will grab them and they love magic. They also love a tad bit of sadness, which this book has with Rosie trying to meet her father.

Thank you to Stacy Hackney and Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers for sharing a copy with the Lit Review Crew. We love this one!

Here is my journal so far…still working though! I decided to do a word collage.

Quotes that I have noticed so far:

Well, artists must suffer for their art, and if that means a bit of accidental vandalism, so be it.

Miss Lily-a very spunky character who I love

…there’s nothing embarrassing about doing the things you’re passionate about…

Mom-I love this quote. It is perfect for middle schoolers, and all of us, who feel a little shy or awkward about the things we love.

Take care. Happy reading. And happy book birthday Stacy!

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