My Thoughts on Katie Coppens’ Geometry Is as Easy as Pie

My Thoughts on Katie Coppens’ Geometry Is as Easy as Pie

Thank you Media Masters Publicity for sharing this book with me!

Do you know someone who loves to bake? What about someone who loves math? Or maybe they are someone who is struggling with math, but loves to bake? Well, this book is for all of those people! This book is a great resource for teachers and parents to teach geometry and have fun.

Coppens explained each geometry concept in a short and sweet (pun intended) way. She broke each concept up into sections. Each section began with a definition of the concept and then moved toward how it related to pie. After explaining the connection, she gave a recipe that went along with it! Coppen used real life to teach a complex math concept and it works well. I really enjoyed the different recipes, from desert pies to hand pies. I also liked that she used images of pie as a way to show the concepts in a simple manner. Finally, the math problems and pie art at the end are a great way to end this book.

Overall, I gave this book 5 stars and will be sharing with my math department! I definitely think they will find it useful.

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