Picture Book Frenzy: Benjamin’s Blue Feet by Sue Macartney

Picture Book Frenzy: Benjamin’s Blue Feet by Sue Macartney

Thank you Pajama Press for sharing this engaging and nature-centered picture book with the Lit Review Crew. I really loved the inside cover with the Galapagos creatures inside and the note at the end about waste in the oceans. I also enjoyed the unique vocabulary, like “string-stretch-it” to describe the trash Benjamin found on the beach. Finally, the overall message of finding what you are good at and embracing being different is just perfect. I love that message.

Here is the summary with a link to purchase the book:

A young bird with a flair for discovery and invention learns self-acceptance one blue-footed step at a time.

Benjamin the blue-footed booby is coming of age in his flock’s world of flying, diving, swimming, and fishing. But he already has a unique gift: treasure-hunting. One day, after finding a mirror, Benjamin becomes convinced that his beak is too long, his wings are too wide, and his feet are too big and blue. He decides to use his treasures to change himself. But without his beak, wings, and feet, is he even a blue-footed booby anymore?

Illustrated with Sue Macartney’s lively, light graphic art style, Benjamin’s Blue Feet is a playful, jovial picture book about self-image and self-worth. Packed with humor and heart, it is sure to become a new storytime favorite.

Pajama Press

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