Recent Reads: August 3-9

Recent Reads: August 3-9

Books I Finished

Both Storm and Fury and Agnes at the End of the World were young adult reads and are made for an older audience. Storm and Fury was a Lit Review Crew book and I listened to the audio. It was a long book (512 pages) and I gave it 3 stars. It was an interesting fantasy with a strong female, which are always my favorite reads. However, there were so many places that were very drawn out and also the romance was a tad cheesy. However, I really thought the popular media mentions were awesome and not seen often (FaceTime, Netflix) and I liked the overall world that Armentrout built. It was a world with angels, demons, wardens, ghosts, spirits, etc.

Agnes at the End of the World was recommended to me by a Lit Review Crew member and I devoured it. It was a nice read for me to take a break from the reading I do for LRC and NetGalley. I gave it 5 stars because of the dual perspectives, character and world building, and overall theme. It does take place during a pandemic, however I felt that I could handle it because it was different from our pandemic and the world it was centered in was not like mine. So, I could keep it separate in my mind.

Louis Lane and the Friendship Challenge will be released TOMORROW! It is a perfect comic for all ages and I love how it is about Lois Lane as a spunky character. There was a fun mystery to solve and Lois was getting into all kinds of trouble and I found myself glued to the book! I look forward to sharing with my students.

Witches of Willow Cove was on my NetGalley queue but was quickly moved up after my awesome interview with author Josh Roberts. This book is just a lot of fun, with some spookiness! I don’t read enough books for middle grade that centers on witches. I read a lot that deal in powers, but not like wand-wielding and broom-flying Magic! This book had all of that plus friendship and a great mystery. Loved it!

Option Pile

I have some great books on deck this week! My daughter and I are reading Wild Robot and listening to the audio of Bob together. Stitchers is awesome and creepy and the audio of Something to Say is sooo good. I am connecting to Janae so much and will be posting about it soon, when I finish.

August Bingo

What are you reading?

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