Student Review: Lola Banko Treasure Hunter by Beth McMullen

Student Review: Lola Banko Treasure Hunter by Beth McMullen

Lola Benko Treasure Hunter 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I gave this book a five star review. It tells a story of a girl about our age with the determination to go to every end to find her father. But it also tells a story of her making friends when she has been friendless for so long. It is extremely cool how she manages to even remotely connect two enemies who have been in each other’s throats for so long. (no matter how it started). They figure out how to work together to overcome the Shadow-Lipstick-Tewksbury and get the cursed stone out of reach to anyone. And finally this book manages to bring in a cliffhanger making me anticipate the next one. I recommend this book to any amount of people who enjoy adventure or mabee creative.
– Aubrey📘📗

Lola Benko, Treasure Hunter

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