Review: Pippa Park-My Journal About Life

Review: Pippa Park-My Journal About Life

This journal has ALL THE STARS!

As a kid, I always loved journals, diaries, scrapbooks, and magazines. I loved keeping EVERYTHING from vacations in my scrapbook. I kept all of my notes from friends. I always did the quizzes in every teen magazine I could find. And I wrote down everything-so much angst and drama! I would have LOVED Pippa Park: My Journal About Life because it is ALL OF THIS and more!

I received a copy of this journal from the publisher, Fabled Films Press, and when I opened it, I immediately fell in love. The colorful pages with fun layouts and graphics, the quizzes, the would you rathers, the tie-in with the book (which is amazing and you can read my thoughts here and read my interview with Erin Yun here). All of this notebook is fantastic and will keep kids engaged and creative while also being reflective.

Here is my review from Goodreads and I suggest you hop on over to wherever you buy books and grab this journal! Teachers, there are fun book activities and writing prompts, so I am getting a copy to share with students for activities and think you should do the same! The possibilities are endless.

My Journal About Life (Pippa Park)My Journal About Life by Erin Yun

What a fun journal for kids! The graphics and fun layouts will catch kids’ eyes and the fun prompts will definitely keep them writing and reflecting. Also, tie-ins to the book, quizzes, and would you rathers make this a unique journal! I could go on and on because all of the pages are so fun and unique! I think that kids from grades 3-6 will enjoy it the most.

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Take a peek at some images from the Pippa Park website:

I hope you found this review helpful and would love to hear if you are interested in getting this journal!

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