GIVEAWAY and BLOG TOUR: Ultimate Food Atlas

GIVEAWAY and BLOG TOUR: Ultimate Food Atlas

Welcome to the Ultimate Food Atlas Blog Tour!

This week, join us for a fantastic food journey around the globe as we celebrate the release of the Ultimate Food Atlas (National Geographic Kids Books, ages 8-12).  Five blogs across the web are featuring posts from the book as we "travel" from continent to continent to discover a rich diversity of foods and food celebrations from many different countries. Ready for a captivating around-the-world culinary adventure? Read on!


Africa’s landscapes include scorching deserts, snowy mountaintops, and humid jungles. Its people come from hundreds of different groups—including the Amharas of Ethiopia, the Igbo of Nigeria, and the Berbers of North Africa—and speak more than 1,500 different languages. This diversity results in a rich variety of foods served across the continent. People grow dates and olives around the northern oases, and they raise herds of camels, goats, sheep, and cattle on vast grasslands and semi-deserts. They capture wild game on the great savannas. They harvest tropical fruits in the rainforests, and on small farms they grow grains that have been cultivated since ancient times. 

Traditional African Dishes

The meat served in Africa comes from many different sources. People eat chickens raised in farmers’ yards and meat from cattle, camels, and goats tended by nomadic herders. In some areas, traditional foods may include wild antelope or specially prepared caterpillars. In various places across the continent, many meat dishes are served in different ways, allowing diners to enjoy a wide range of regional flavors. As you travel, search for local ingredients, dishes, and cooking methods, and try some of the distinctive meat and poultry dishes offered along the way.

PERI PERI CHICKEN (Mozambique) This favorite food of Mozambique—grilled chicken with plenty of hot, spicy seasonings like chili pepper, cilantro, ginger, and garlic—may have come from Portugal. It is usually served with a mix of cooked local vegetables.

SHAKSHUKA (Tunisia) Poached eggs top off a skillet full of simmering tomatoes and peppers in this Tunisian dish. Shakshuka, sometimes called ojja or jazz-mazz, can be baked in the oven or cooked on top of the stove. The name shakshuka comes from the Arabic word for “mix.”

POULET YASSA (Senegal) This chicken dish is for onion lovers! Before cooking, the meat is soaked in a marinade of onions and lemons. Then it is grilled and topped with an onion and lemon sauce so the meat is tender, full of flavor, and delicious. Poulet yassa is usually served with rice and olives.

POTJIEKOS (South Africa) This Afrikaans word means “pot food,” because this dish is cooked outdoors in a heavy three-legged pot. The pot is filled with a layer of meat (often lamb), a layer of vegetables, then a layer of pasta, rice, potato, or another starchy food. It’s then heated slowly for several hours. Potjiekos is very popular in Johannesburg.

MOPANE WORMS (Botswana) This nutritious delicacy isn’t really worms, but rather the caterpillars of the emperor moth. The wormlike critters are usually found on mopane trees, and people consider them to be delicious. They can be eaten raw, dried, or cooked with tomatoes, garlic, peanuts, and chilies and served as a crispy snack or in a tasty stew. 


The Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania don’t often eat beef, but they do drink cow’s milk and sometimes cow’s blood. They carefully take the blood from the neck of a live cow, leaving no lasting damage to the animal. 

Ultimate Food Atlas

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Exploring the world has never been more yummy and fun! Discover how unique foods are grown, eaten, and celebrated by people all over the planet, get recipes for delicious dishes, and so much more!

Pull up a chair and dig into this bold and vibrant world atlas full of fun food facts, fascinating information about crops and farming, easy-to-read maps, recipes, and games from around the world. On the menu: vegetables, grains, meats, dairy products, and foods harvested from the water. Highlights include appetizing attractions, cool places to eat, and food festivals, and sustainable eating is promoted throughout. It's a treat for kids who are interested in food and a valuable reference about geography, agriculture, and culture across the continents. Absolutely stuffed with mouthwatering tidbits for every reader! Kids are sure to come back to the table hungry for more!

About the Authors

Nancy Castaldo has written award-winning books about our planet for over 20 years from New York’s Hudson Valley. Her love of reading and writing outdoors began in her childhood, when she wasn’t searching for frogs, turtles, and salamanders, and climbing trees. Her curiosity led her to study science. As an environmental educator, Nancy combined all of those interests. She still enjoys spending her time exploring in the wild as she did while researching over two dozen books and many articles. Nancy writes to inform, inspire, and empower her readers about the world around them. Visit her online at

Christy Milhaly's book Diet for a Changing Climate: Food for Thought (co-written with Sue Heavenrich) explores this issue and offers pointers on preparing environmentally friendly―and tasty―meals using invasive plants,animals and insects.  She has published other nonfiction books on topics including nature, history, politics, and crafts. Milhaly earned degrees from Dartmouth College and the University of California, Berkeley. Visit her online at,


Ultimate Food Atlas

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