Day 1 of Thankfully Reading

Day 1 of Thankfully Reading

Day 1 is complete. I have read about 100 pages in BLOODMARKED by Tracy Deonn and listened to a little bit of COURT OF WINGS AND RUIN. I also read a few chapters in ALL OF OUR DEMISE.

Last night I decided I was in the mood for a graphic novel and came across SURVIVING THE CITY which is a book written by two indigenous peoples (Tasha Spillett and Natasha Donovan) and is about the history of missing native women in Canada. I wanted to read more books by and about Native Americans this month and am glad I came across these books. They are short graphic novels, less than 100 pages, but powerful and important. My favorite part was each character had the soul of their loved ones guiding and protecting them.

Today I hope to read about 100 more pages in Bloodmarked and possibly another graphic novel while traveling. I’m also thinking of doing a post or video on books I am thankful for. We shall see!

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving if you are in the US and if not, have a wonderful Thursday. Happy reading!

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