Q: How do I know if what my child is reading is appropriate?

A: I have a couple of suggestions to help you:

  1. Websites that “rate” books and give a glimpse of content:
    1. Common Sense Media (easy to read rating system)
    2. Scholastic (provide many tools and suggestions for parents and children)
    3. Amazon provides reading levels and age ranges
  2. Having discussions
    1. When it comes down to it, you know your child. You know what they like, have experienced, and what may worry them. Allowing your child to read a more “mature” book, whether it be violence or language or other mature content, is a good conversation to have with your child.
    2. Reading the book together or just checking in about the book is a good way to keep them comfortable with approaching you if something bothers them.
    3. When I have students share a part in a book that is violent or there is language, my first question is “how does that make you feel?” If it seems to really bother them, I ask if they think they should stop. If they don’t seem bothered, I tell them to skip that part or keep reading and let me know if anything else happens.
    4. The books at their levels range in content and keeping an open dialogue can help guide them to what they like and are comfortable with-and this will help your comfort level too!
  3. Reading the book before or with your child.
  4. Asking a librarian or teacher!
    1. I am always open to discussing a book, whether I have read it or not. Together we can determine what is best.

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