The bell rang to signal the end of the crazy day that is the last day before Winter Break. I saw all of my students rush out to their cars and buses. I hugged a few (one giving me a super long and much needed hug-maybe for both of us) and called out my goodbyes. As all of this was going on, I could not help but get lost in my thoughts. I began thinking about how thankful I am.

I am thankful for my students.

I have some large class sizes, larger than my previous years, but I wish I could have more. I am amazed at how wonderful my students are and how much I need them. It was an adjustment to the growing size of our district and my class, but I now am so thankful. These students are so special to me, I hope they know just how much they mean to me.

I am thankful for my school.

I work in the best district. My district supports the teachers. My district wants students to succeed and have the best. My district helps the community. We are a strong school and a strong community, I would not trade it for anything.

I am thankful for my community.

My community at school is what helps me be the teacher I want to be. I have great teachers who have my back, who listen to my crazy ideas, and help me create new ones. I have great parents who support all of my needs and requests. I have volunteers who come in to help whenever I need them. I also have students who are so positive and helpful. My building works well together with all of its staff and I am so thankful for their support.

As a teacher, it is important to reflect on what is positive in their lives. It is important to look past the chaos that can occur throughout the year, the day to day stresses, and be thankful.

Thank you for reading. What are you thankful for?


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