Do I Like Every Book?

Do I Like Every Book?

Many people have made the comment, “Is there a book you don’t like?” I believe the people who say this, be it the teacher I work with, the librarian I talk to at school, or one of my students, is trying to imply that I like all books. That I only say good things. That there isn’t a book I have not enjoyed.

Here are my thoughts.

I do find it hard to find fault in books. I think I am easily entertained. I get lost in almost any book. I am not, by nature, a negative person and like to always think on the bright side. So, maybe those commentators are on to something. Maybe I need to be more critical.

When I think about it though, I realize that maybe they are not on to something. I do have books that I do not enjoy. I loathe Victoria Roth for the Divergent series. I did not love Rick Riordan like my students do. I was not impressed with Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Or Dog Man. Both series which are so popular with my students.

Here is what I think happens and why I think I always rave about the books I read.

1-I think I am picky with the books I choose to read. I follow authors and readers who share similar interests with me. I follow teachers and librarians. I think I read the best books! I look at ratings and usually only go for books with 4 stars or higher. Rarely do I read anything lower. I know my tastes. I know I love science fiction with strong female characters. I know I love historical fiction set in the Middle Ages in Europe. I know what I like! I also have my students who tell me straight up what books they love. My students are brutal. They are picky. And I love it. I trust them more than anyone!

2-I know that each book has value. I know that there are good things about all books and I want to share these books with the ones I think would benefit.

3- I read for entertainment. I am not here to tear apart a book. I am here to read. Entertain me. I do not dissect each line by the author. I get so lost in books, I miss grammar and spelling errors. Sometimes I miss chapter titles. I get lost and therefore fall in love with these books!

Are you super picky? Do you love all books? Do you hate all books? Do you analyze them to a fault? Please share!

I am a middle school teacher who loves to read ALL KINDS of books. I am part of the ARC-sharing group LitReviewCrew, a co-creator for the YouTube Channel Legit KidLit and the Podcast Read to Write KidLit. Check out my Linktree for more:

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  1. Dhawal Joshi at 4:00 am

    hahah I can totally get you! At times I come across a few books I don’t like at all. I ask concerned person if they’d still want me to review over blog or let it be. I tend to post less no negatives as having a blog, it can spread negativity a lot.

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