Day 18 Picture Book Frenzy: I am Ruby Bridges by Ruby Bridges and Nicholas Smith

Day 18 Picture Book Frenzy: I am Ruby Bridges by Ruby Bridges and Nicholas Smith

Today’s picture book features is this AMAZING autobiography of Ruby Bridges’ experience as a 6 year old entering a previously segregated school. It’s written by Ruby and told through a child’s eyes, which makes it so powerful and understandable for readers of all ages.

In a beautiful and poetic reflection, Ruby Bridges tells her story as never before and shares the events of the momentous day in 1960 when Ruby became the first child to integrate the school system as a six year old little girl — a personal and intimate look through a child’s lens at a landmark moment in our Civil Rights history.

My work will be precious,

I will be a bridge between people…

I will bridge the “gap” between black & white…

… but hopefully all people!

I suppose some things in life are just meant to be.

When Ruby Bridges was just six years old, she became the first African American student to integrate an elementary school in the South. Based on the pivotal events that happened in 1960 and told from her own point of view for the first time, in a poetic reflection on her experience that changed the face of history and the trajectory of the Civil Rights movement.

I Am Ruby Bridges offers hope and confidence to all children and is a perfect learning tool for schools and libraries to teach the story of Ruby Bridges as never before and introducing this landmark story to young readers in a powerful new way. This story of innocence and courage is brought to life by NAACP-nominated artist, Nikkolas Smith through stunning and beautiful illustrations.Embracing the meaning of her name, Bridges reflects with poignancy and heart on the way one brave little girl stood proud and tall to help build a bridge between all people and pave the path for future generations. -Goodreads
I Am Ruby BridgesI Am Ruby Bridges by Ruby Bridges
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This is such a powerful memoir of Ruby Bridges, written by herself. It is told through young Ruby’s eyes and is very accessible to readers of all types. The opening illustration of the hands as bridges was just beautiful. This is a must read.
Thank you Scholastic!

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