Top Ten Favorite Authors

Top Ten Favorite Authors

 Weekly Blog Post: Top Ten Tuesday

This list was compiled by my group of sixth graders. They were such voracious readers (yes, I miss them) and I am so glad I get to share with you their favorite authors!

Note: these are in no particular order.

I should also note that I am going to list more than 10, I just couldn’t narrow down the choices . The students chose some great authors

Favorite Authors

  1. My favorite author is Jennifer Donnelly because she wrote my four favorite books. -KN
  2. Rick Riordan
    1. My favorite author is Rick Riordan. He make books that are very funny and that are based of of mythology. I have read so many books by him, I have read in the Percy Jackson series, The lightning thief, the sea of monsters, titans curse, battle of the labrinth, last olympian, in the Kane chronicles series The Red Pyramid. In the heroes of Olympus series I have read The Lost Hero, The Son Of Neptune, The Mark Of Athena, The House Of Hades, and I am reading The Blood Of Olympus. He is my favorite author. -GC
    2. Rick Riordan because he has the best quotes and title names. -CC
    3. Rick Riordan, because I love the percy jackson series. -GB
  3. Peg Kehret
    1. Peg Kehret because she writes really good books like Abduction and Stolen Children. -LW
    2. I also like Peg Kehret because she is really discriptive. -JN
  4. JK Rowling
    1. J.K. Rowling. Duh I mean she created one of the most read book series in history.( I don’t know if that is true but it probably is.) Also the books are just amazing anyways. Because she is so creative. -KI
    2. My favorite author is J.K. Rowling because she wrote the Harry Potter books and I love those. -AD
  5. My favorite author is Jennifer A. Neilson because she wrote a lot of my favorite books. -AS
  6. My favorite author is Cassandra Clare. I love how she has written she wrote 40 books and they are all very well written. -MP
  7. My favorite author is James Patterson because he wrote some of my favorite books and book series such as House of Robots, Treasure Hunters, and the longest and one of my favorites, Middle School the Worst Years of my Life. -CH
  8. Kate Brian she writes scary. -EB
  9. Erin Hunter is great because she wrote many great books. -JN
  10. Margaret Petersen Haddix because I read tons of her books and I think they’re great. -ZP
  11. Roald Dahl/ his books are really creative. -AH
  12. Jeff Kinney -AC
  13. Mary Downing Hahn because I’ve like all of her books I’ve read. -JT
  14. Debbie Lindell because she wrote the book She Believes and that is my favorite book. -TD

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