E-Reader Book Tag

E-Reader Book Tag

Tag It Thursday: Thursday, December 7, 2017

E-Reader Book Tag

I found this on Misty’s Book Space and knew I had to write my own. I am an avid e-reader and have not written a book tag in several months.

Here ya go!

What support do you use to read your ebooks?

I use my Kindle Paperwhite. I have been reading on a Kindle since my husband bought me one for my birthday several years ago. He upgraded mine to a Paperwhite a couple of Valentine’s ago (He knows the kinds of gifts to buy me!) and I use it daily. I also use my phone, tablet, and computer if needed.

How many ebooks have you read since you started the new “digital fashion?”

Oh geez. I do not even know where to begin to count how many ebooks I have read. It would be over 200. I put books for college classes on my Kindle and I borrow ebooks like crazy from the library. This year I have read about 110 books and I would say over half are ebooks. I will say that Hunger Games was one of the first books I purchased and read on my Kindle. Currently, I have 637 books on my Kindle or in the Cloud….but I have not read them all.

What is the language of your ebooks?


Buy them?

Nope, not really. I use the library for most of my ebooks, and physical books. I am really cheap when it comes to books, so unless Amazon runs a sale and it is $1.99 or less, I will not buy it.

Do you enjoy reading classics or new authors?

I like to read a little of both, but I usually go for “new” authors. Although, I do not normally read many books the year they are released. I am too busy catching up on other books!

How many ebooks do you have?

Over 600. I almost fell out of my chair when I looked that up…Do not tell my husband. Although, Amazon does give me one book free a month…so there is that.

What is your biggest supplier of ebooks?

Amazon and OverDrive App.

Do you completely adhere to the Digital Reading or do you still live in the Age of Physical Books?

The last three years, I was completely in the digital era. I only read on my Kindle because it was the best way to read with a little baby. I could read anywhere at all times. Now that my daughter is older, and becoming a reader, I want her to know what books look like and how often I read. A Kindle does not show her how often I am reading a new book. So, I have revisited the Age of Physical Books. I love the stack of books next to my bed and taking my daughter to the library so she can have her own stack by her bed. I still find it easier to read on my Kindle though…

Do you read ebooks? If you do, consider yourself tagged.

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