Day 11: #100DOSW18

Day 11: #100DOSW18

Day 11: June 11

My Prompt

I love to respond and reflect to quotes, but I am going to do something else. I am going to try to write a story that is inspired by this quote.

My Writing

First, I need to brainstorm some story ideas.


  • First Day of Kindergarten-could use my memories and twist them a little…maybe dedicate it to my daughter who will be starting Kindergarten soon.
  • Valedictorian speech
  • Moving away to college
  • Moving closer to home
  • Becoming a teacher
  • A new girl in school*** chosen topic

My Freewrite

I have a new home. New grandparents. Well, a new set of grandparents. A step-dad. A step-sister. No neighbors. A field. A long driveway. So many changes this last year. But the biggest change? A new school. New friends. New life.

I may be a little dramatic in saying I have a new life. I know that. But, it feels like I have a new life. My dad is not living in the same house as me. I have a different man living in a different home. I no longer have friends I ride my bike with around the neighborhood. I have a field and a long driveway and I can ride my bike with my younger brother. Yuck! Are you kidding me? My life sucks!

And now, I have to start a new school! I do not know anybody. This town is so small too…in the middle of nowhere!

My mom is the school nurse, so we get to school a little early. We settle in her new office and wait until the bell rings for us to go to our new classrooms. I have already met one girl and the teacher last year. It wont help. I will still be an outsider.

The bell rings.

I get up, grab my bag, sling it over my shoulder, and with the biggest flip of the hair and roll of my eyes, I head out of my mom’s office and down to the classroom.

I am one of the first ones there and I quickly find my name tag. I am so glad I have a place I have to sit at instead of having to choose.

As each kid walks in, they stare at me, but that is it. No smile. No wave. No hello. Just a stare.

Then, I hear the whispers. “Who is the new girl?” “City-slicker.” “Look at her clothes. She looks like a snob.” “Goody two-shoes.”

I lay out my school supplies, put my new backpack in the back of the room on the hanger, and start towards my seat. It feels like forever walking down to my desk, everyone staring, until I look at my table and a girl is sitting next to me. She is smiling at me. She waves. She says hello.

The teacher begins class, and the studious one that I am, I listen and take notes. I begin to feel excitement. I like school. I like to learn. The teacher smiles a lot and I trust her. I also have a friend. We pass notes under the desk all morning. At lunch, she sits with me and introduces me to the other kids in our class. The finally smile. A little. They ask about my old school and my old town. I ask them about the farms and this school.

The rest of the day goes about the same, but each day gets easier. I am an outcast. I can feel it. The kids in this town have already made their friendships. Lines have been drawn. Groups have been made. But, I have seen kindness. I have someone who welcomed me.


**The End**


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