Day 1: 100 Days of Summer Writing 2018

Day 1: 100 Days of Summer Writing 2018

Day 1: May 31

I am beginning this writing challenge through an introduction of sorts and an overall reflection on why I am participating in this challenge.

I first stumbled upon this challenge on Twitter and am quite surprised that I just now found it! I am on Twitter all of the time and follow numerous educators…how did I miss this?! Well, I am glad I eventually found it and have accepted this challenge.

What is this challenge?

You can read more on, but here is the gist: you write for 100 days. That is it! Write for 100 days!
My timeline will be May 31-September 8. I will have gone back to school by September 8, we start mid-August, but I think it will be good for my students to see me writing and participating when they first meet me. It will see a great tone for the year.

Why am I participating?

I am choosing to write for 100 days because I want to be a better writer. Plain and simple. I want to see myself as a writer and be more confident. It is funny, actually, because I wrote a blog post for TeachWrite that is being published later in June! I will share the link later.
I am also participating for my students. I want to encourage more writing next year-more free writing. I focus a lot of energy on developing and encouraging my students as readers. I need to focus just the same amount of energy into writing. I am hoping this challenge will help me be more confident as a writer, see the real side of writing each day (prompts, freewrite) and the challenges writers face, and how to stay focused.

My rules

  1. Write for 10 minutes a day, minimum
  2. Focus for those 10 minutes
  3. Share on my blog

Some days I will use a prompt to write with and some days I may freewrite. I find myself anxious at times and the need to just “vomit” out some words is a need. Excuse my language there, but I heard that phrase from the author of Enginerds, Jarrett Lerner, and it describes how I feel about freewriting so perfectly! I just have to get it out and I always feel better after I do. Now, do I really want to share this “word vomit” with the world? Not really. It terrifies me a little. All of the grammar and spelling mistakes. My endless ramblings. It will be raw and out there. In spite of all of that, I want my students to see how it begins. That this is okay. That this is writing. I hope to eventually clean up some of this writing and make it something I am proud of, but you have to start somewhere!

How do you feel about 100 days of writing? Will you join in? Please, share links to your blogs or your social media links so I can follow your journey!

Happy writing!

I am a middle school teacher who loves to read. I am part of the ARC-sharing group LitReviewCrew and a creator for the YouTube Channel Legit KidLit.

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