Day 6: #100DOSW18

Day 6: #100DOSW18

Day 6: June 5


This excerpt reminds me of the last day of school. Or, at least some parts do. So, I am going to write about our last day of school. What I like about this excerpt is the use of short sentences like a list. So, I am going to borrow some of that as well for my writing.

My Writing

The playground swelled to capacity with emotions. Friends. Loners. Acquaintances. Teachers. Students. The bright blue, cloudless sky. The heat of the sun beating down onto our faces. A taste of summer.

It is the last hour of school. All kids are outside. All teachers are outside. Yearbooks passed around. Sharpies on shirts. Tears falling. Hugs given. Loud yells cross the playground. Someone searching for a friend to say goodbye to.

Some people are happy to be out of school. They are happy summer is here. Vacations planned. Camps scheduled. Time to do as they please. Others feel a sense of loneliness. Dark clouds approaching that will only dissipate in August.

Summer can mean many things to many people. What does it mean for you?

The End.


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