Review: Secondhand Wishes by Anna Staniszewski

Review: Secondhand Wishes by Anna Staniszewski

Secondhand Wishes by Anna Staniszewski

Overall Review

I gave this book four stars. I was immediately drawn into Lexi’s personality and how focused she was on “balancing” the universe. I can really relate to her worries and beliefs on luck. There were moments where it felt really serious and I had all the emotions for Lexi, then the next page I would be giggling at some of her mishaps. This is a wonderful book that would be great for readers who might struggle with fantasy books full of magical worlds and beasts. It is fantasy, but only slightly so. I look forward to adding this book to my classroom library.

Words of Wisdom

Learn from Lexi so you don’t find yourself repeating her mistakes. Although, I believe we have all made similar mistakes or had similar thoughts during those crazy middle school years.

You do a move a bunch of times until you get it right.

“But there’s a magic to old things,” I said, remembering what Cassa was always saying. “They find their way to people who need them.”

I was so determined to do everything right that I got it all wrong. Finally, I stopped trying to be perfect and I started looking for ways to be better.

I am excited to pass this book on to the next Lit Review Crew member!

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