NetGalley Readathon Week 1

NetGalley Readathon Week 1

Well, WEEK ONE is done and I am proud of my progress and the books I have been reading!

Here is my updated Bingo card. The check means I finished, the circle means I am currently reading! Somehow…I am on my way to a BINGO without planning it! What a great sign, right?

This week, well, today actually, I finished Ways to Make Sunshine and you know what? That book was all the sunshine I needed! It was beautiful and made me feel so good. Everyone needs a “feel good” read and this is it! The adorable illustrations throughout really make it shine too. Loved it.

I am DEVOURING Superman Smashes the Klan…oh my goodness it is so good. Now, I love Graphic Novels and I love superheroes and I love Gene Luen Yang…but this book is just TOP NOTCH. Stay tuned for my review…I will be gushing even more. Just love it.

I am also almost done with The Last Lie and well…just realized that it is PART OF A SERIES! This might be the first time in recent memory that I have done this…mistakenly picked up a book that is not the first in a series. Ugh! No wonder I have been slightly put off by the absence of character description-it is not needed if there are books before it. I will say that even though I hadn’t read the books before, I am pretty well able to follow along and I really do like it. It is science fiction and I have been looking for a great Middle Grade science fiction that has been recently published! I will go back to the first book, eventually. When my TBR gets “under control” (whatever that means).

What should I read next?

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