Day 20: #100DOSW18

Day 20: #100DOSW18

Day 20: June 29

This has not been the summer of keeping promises or goals, but that is what summer is for! I finally have a chance to sit down and write, so here it is! I enjoyed this one too!


My Writing

The year is 2083, the year of the Great Hammerhead Shark. Those born this year are said to be leaders, aggressive, and agile. I am none of these. I was born in 2068, the year of Sea Otter and have the same playful, loving, innocent qualities as those lost creatures. We have lost many creatures to the great flood and honor those lost by naming each year with them.

This year is destined to be harsh and full of change. After almost thirty years of people trying to survive in a world that is mostly water-98.7% to be exact-we are finally finding some sense of community. Those that are left have found each other and are forming a city. We are on one of the only inhabitable man-made islands, Icthuras. Population 57. Located above the legendary Redwoods.

There are those that wish to destroy us. To take our island. This is the year that will decide who will win.



When I saw this photo, I thought of the movie Water World. So, I tried to start my own dystopian story about a world covered in water. It actually seems fun and may have to revisit this topic later!

Thanks for reading and happy writing to you!


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