June 2018 Reads

June 2018 Reads

June Reads

Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech

June 16-June 29

Four Stars

I chose this book because it was one of our summer student book club picks and I had heard about it before and knew the author was wonderful. I gave it four stars because of the chopping and confusing beginning. However, I kept reading because something was grabbing me in. I had to know this story, piece it all together. I do enjoy books that do not give it all immediately, only bits and pieces, and at the end you know the whole picture. This book is that. I was finishing this book in the back of a car with 5 other teachers on the way to a conference. I was holding back tears, and failing! This was an amazing book and I really recommend it. Sharon Creech can weave a story like no other. She can build characters with personalities you can touch. I felt each heartache and each joyful moment.

I recommend this book to those who love a mystery, love family, and who love a sad book.

Alabama moon by Watt Key

June 20-June 29

4 Stars

I also chose this book because it was a choice in our summer book club.

Wow. What an intense book. This book is PERFECT for readers who like to read about survival, wilderness, and independent kids. This book started sad, which can only lead you to believe there will be more sadness along the way. Spoiler alert. There is! I loved rooting for Moon and hoping he would find his place in our world. He had grown up in the wilderness believing the government would attack any day. Watching him grow was a great part of the book and Watt Key definitely knows how to keep you reading. There is some language, but it was key in developing a certain character and I felt that it was not overdone. I highly recommend to readers who loved Hatchet or other survival books.

Piecing Me Together by Renée Watson

June 12-June 16

Five Stars

I chose this book from hearing about on Instagram and Twitter. Teachers and other Middle Grade authors were talking about this book and it was all the rage. So, naturally, I moved it to the top of my TBR pile! I am so glad I did. This book is what we need. Everyone needs to read it because it tells a story that needs to be heard, but that can be identified with many different readers. Connections can be made by so many different people, yet it speaks out about racial issues in our country as well. I loved the talent of Jade and wanted pictures to see her work! This book is the winner of both 2018 Newberry and Coretta Scott King Awards. I recommend to all who feel lost, like they do not know where they fit in the world, and who need to feel inspired.

Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry

June 2-June 3

Five Stars

As you can tell, I devoured this book. Two days is all it took me, which is something because I have a five year old! This book was a mix of poetry and prose and dual perspective and it wa magical! I loved the cute love/friendship story and had tears in my eyes the entire time. I identified with the anxiety this girl faced and rooted for her the whole time. I highly recommend to those that love books in verse and realistic fiction.

Those were my June Middle Grade Reads! What books did you readI

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      I do not know how I have went this long without reading Walk Two Moons! I look forward to hearing what you think about Piecing Me Together and Alabama Moon! Thanks for reading!

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