Half-Life of Love by Brianna Bourne

Half-Life of Love by Brianna Bourne

Flint Larsen has 41 days, 9 hours, and 42 minutes to live.

He’s known exactly when he’s going to die since he was eight years old and half-lifed, a small twinge that tells a person when they’ve lived half their life. From that moment, Flint’s done everything he can to make his death more bearable. Cutting off all his friends, refusing to eat his favorite foods, reading only the most depressing literature by long-dead writers. He plans to spend his final days back in his hometown with his parents, quietly waiting to die.

But then he meets September Harrington, an utter explosion of brilliance and fun, and all his plans fly out the window. September has dedicated herself to curing the half-life, landing a coveted internship at the world-renowned Half-Life Institute. She has her own past that she’s refusing to deal with, choosing instead to spend her nights living it up with her friends and her days deep in the lab, where she’s working to find a cure.

When their worlds collide, it feels like the start of an epic, once-in-a-lifetime love. Only Flint can’t bring himself to tell September he’s dying, and September’s keeping secrets too. The closer they get, the less time they have together and the more their secrets threaten to destroy everything.

Can September and Flint save each other, or are their days numbered from the start?

Perfect for fans of THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END


My Thoughts:

I knew as soon as I started this audiobook that it would end me. I knew it would break my heart. But did I read it anyway? Yes! Because I love it when books make me feel all the feels. I like to be tortured…so if you also like books that rip your heart out, please read this one!

The countdown to Flint’s death had me turning pages so quickly. I really enjoyed his and September’s character growth in this book and definitely want to read more from this author. For fans of They Both Die at the End. 

This book does have some closed door sexual content so I would say higher YA.

It was also one of Cybils Young Adult Speculative Fiction finalists, which I was lucky enough to participate in!

I gave this book 5 stars! Let me know if you read it and what you think!

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